New Pear and Stone Colours for the Classic Malden Organiser.

The iconic Malden Organiser has arrived in two new colours inspired by nature; Pear and Stone. Available in pocket, personal and A5 sizes.

Filofax Malden Stone Organiser

The new stone shade of Malden is a relaxing light grey, perfectly encompassing the casual feel that is synonymous with Malden organisers.

Filofax Malden Pear Organiser

Green symbolises relaxation and tranquility and this verdant new pear shade for Malden can act as a tranquil haven for your thoughts.

Filofax Malden Pear Organiser

Originally introduced in 2010 the Malden organiser became infamous in the planner and organiser world for its signature laid back luxury look. The distinct tactile buttery feel of Malden leather, gains character over time, growing with you and wearing in, just like a favourite pair of shoes. In fact, the often imitated Malden strap closure was inspired by the buckle of a 1940s button up shoe.

Filofax Malden Pear Organiser

The Malden isn’t just designed to look good; it’s designed around the functionality you want. Soft pliable construction of Malden allows this organiser to lie completely flat making it a joy to write in. A zipped pocket, plus card pockets and slip pockets inside the Malden allows for flexible use as a wallet or purse.

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